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Boarding Options 

Free Rein Farm is located on a beautiful property in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Full board includes a stall, hay, grain, fresh water, and any regular medication or blanketing. Horses and ponies enjoy all-day (-night during the summer) turnout on 85 acres of pasture, complete with grass, fresh water, and supplemental hay on a seasonal basis. An indoor and outdoor ring are available and maintained for riding. Maintained riding trails start across the street or are a short haul away. 

Stall Board


Horses and ponies living in the main barn stalls are turned out in large pastures in groups according to gender and temperament, with careful observation of individual personalities. Horses are fed and turned out according to a regular schedule by trained staff who are kept up to date on the needs of each individual animal by the experienced Barn Manager. 

Horses and ponies are fed grain twice a day, and any necessary supplements or medications are generally administered at those times. Turnout is adjusted according to the season so that the outdoor temperature is more amenable, and turnout will always occur unless there is a severe weather emergency. Climate-controlled facilities are available for boarders to store their tack and equipment.

Seasonal Leases

During the summertime, clients can half- or full-lease one of our school horses or ponies. Lessees pay board for a horse or pony of their choosing and can experience a taste of what horse ownership is like. This program is ideal for students, so that they can focus on learning about the responsibilities of equine care during the summer, when academic conflicts are less likely. 

Clients in the leasing program will have the opportunity to take their horse to open horse shows, subject to the discretion of their instructor that the client is ready to compete.

Services Provided


Horses and ponies require a great deal of care and attention, and our equines at Free Rein Farm have access to excellent medical, grooming, dental, and farrier services. Boarders have the option to place their horses or ponies on a Health Plan to ensure regular maintenance of their animal's health. 

We place horses and ponies in turnout groups according to the discretion of the Barn Manager depending on gender and disposition, as well as the availability of space in the pasture. Private turnout is available by special arrangement only. We do not accept stallions, and we require animals coming onto the property to be safe to handle, and generally able to cooperate with humans and other horses in a group turnout environment.

All boarding rates can be found

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